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Why do my extensions feel sore after a few weeks of getting lash extensions? 

In all likelihood, your lash technician applied the lash extensions to more than one natural lash.  As your natural lashes grow, they grow at different times, therefore one of these lashes could have started to pull and break off.  To avoid damage, a certified and experienced lash stylist is recommended.

Can lash extensions be damaging?

Extensions can be damaging to your natural lash if put on incorrectly and without respecting the natural lash.  A reputable lash company trains their students on safety and practice but of course experience plays a huge role as well.  At the Lash Den, we pride ourselves with respecting your natural lash. We want our clients to return every month knowing that their natural lashes have not been compromised. 

What can I do if my natural lashes are damaged?

Rest assured that your lashes return to their normal health within 2 months.  If you’d like to expedite this—you can use a lash serum to feed your hair follicles and lashes.  The lash serum will basically prevent the last shedding cycle from happening—thereby enabling your natural lashes to fill in to their fullest potential.  Note that when you stop using the serum, your lashes will go back to their natural growth cycle before the damage (unless you have permanently damaged the hair follicle).

Can I get lash extensions if my lashes are damaged?

Often applying and re-applying temporary lashes or using lash curlers or heavy fibre and/or waterproof mascaras can be more detrimental to our lash health.  Therefore, if you can settle for a more natural look (lighter lash extensions) while your natural lashes are being nursed back to health, it seems to work well. 

Do I need to take a break from wearing lash extensions?

The Lash Den monitors your natural lash health on every visit.  If we feel your natural lash is being compromised, we will alter the application.  By doing this and respecting your natural lash, you should be able to wear them forever. 

Can I get lash extensions if I have sensitive eyes?

If you are concerned, we can do a half application and wait a few days to see if you react.

How soon can I get my lash extensions wet?

We at the Lash Den use an adhesive that has a 4-hour drying time, however in saying that, from experience—we find that by waiting 2 days before getting them wet, will give you the best longevity.  Therefore, we always recommend the day of your lash service to wash your hair prior to coming.

How can I prepare for my lash appointment?

It is recommended that you wash your hair the day of (we at the Lash Den use an adhesive that has a 4-hour drying time, however in saying that, from experience—we find that by waiting 2 days before getting them wet, will give you the best longevity).  Please also avoid oil-based eye products two days prior (and for the duration of your lash extensions) as the oil will slowly break down the adhesive which will make the extensions slide off prematurely).  Please also come with no eye makeup and try to arrive on time as it will cut into your appointment time and you may not get the full look you desire. 

What is involved with getting a lash lift?

Once your eyes are protected, we apply a special silicone shield to the top lid which acts as a roller (this will give you your curl).  Cream solutions are then safely applied and monitored. Aftercare products are recommended to keep lashes hydrated.

What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is basically a perm for your brows. A lifting cream is put onto the brow hairs which breaks down the bonds in the hair allowing them to be reshaped. A neutralizer is applied to reform the bonds along with a nourishing treatment to replenish any lost moisture.